Eco Cyan MX-61 Toner

£38.00 (excl VAT)



OEM cartridge refilled using compatible cyan toner. 

Compatible with:

Sharp MX-3050N Sharp MX-3050V Sharp MX-3060N Sharp MX-3060V Sharp MX-3061 Sharp MX-3070N Sharp MX-3070V Sharp MX-3550V Sharp MX-3560N Sharp MX-3560V Sharp MX-3561 Sharp MX-3570N Sharp MX-3570V Sharp MX-3571 Sharp MX-4050N Sharp MX-4050V Sharp MX-4051 Sharp MX-4060N Sharp MX-4060V Sharp MX-4070N Sharp MX-4070V Sharp MX-4071 Sharp MX-5050N Sharp MX-5050V Sharp MX-5070N Sharp MX-5070V Sharp MX-6050N Sharp MX-6050V Sharp MX-6051 Sharp MX-6070N

Average yield 24,000 pages at a 5% coverage.


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